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By far the best way to get involved with the YAG is to help organize it! the YAG is yours, and the best part for many of us is the fact that we are not only participant, but also the organizers that make it all run smoothly. If you’d like to help organize some things that are always a help are:

-HOST A WORKSHOP!- YOU know a lot about something, have a talent you want to teach, love a certain craft that you want to share, have a discussion on your mind that you want to see discussed… and there is no one better suited to lead it getting out there than you! There are still some schedule spots available, email us if you’ve got an idea!

-FLYER! Print out the flyer and post it around your town, your school- give them to your friends, teachers, drama club, whatever!

-FOOD DONATIONS!-Ask your local grocery store, food co-op or farm for food donations to bring to the event.

-COME TO A MEETING! We have 3 meetings before the event to talk about what needs to get done, and they’re open to anyone who wants to help. Get in contact with us for more details.

Email for details.

YAGPosta 2014

Planning Committee Documents
Food/Donation Letter


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