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Since 2000 Maine youth have been converging annually for a three day celebration of political action, fierce youth brilliance and do-it-yourself fun. The Youth Activism Gathering (YAG) is an event organized for and by teens and young adults with support and suggestions from a few choice older activists.

We live in a state that is rich with politically conscious young people, however these young activists are scattered across the state and are often cut off from one another. Growing up in Maine can be extremely isolating, especially if you feel passionate about progressive politics. Above all, the YAG seeks to create a space where activist youth can forge friendships. When we know we are not alone, that there are others that think and feel the things we do, we can identify ourselves as part of a community with shared struggles and shared passion. It is impossible to be an agent of change without the knowledge that we have both friends and allies to support us in our endeavors.

The YAG is a place for Maine youth to share ideas, skills, and experiences. More than that it is a place where we can find strength and companionship through the collective experience of the gathering itself. It is a place for us to find each other so that we can dance, sing, and fight alongside one another.

The YAG is governed by the needs and desires of the youth and not dictated to us by any old farts. The YAG does provide the opportunity for youth activists to network with, learn from, and receive advice and guidance from older activists who respect us as peers and not merely as tokens.

The Youth Activism Gathering includes an ever changing roster of fun activities and events. Past YAGs have featured:
– Group Icebreakers
– Creative Bake-Offs
– Dance Parties
– Punk Shows
– Workshops
– And more

Examples of past workshops:
– Ice Breakers and Team Building
– Grass Roots Media Making
– Gender
– Reproductive Health/Safe Sex
– Consent*Anti-Oppression
– Environmentalism
– Earth First!
– Homophobia and Racism
– Reproductive Health
– Herbal First Aid
and many more… everyone is encouraged to bring their own ideas for workshops or discussions!

The Youth Activism Gathering is sponsored by Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC). To learn more, please click HERE to visit the ROSC website!


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